Welcome to our place.  Are you searching for a change, a desire to have more peace, to be more fulfilled, to make healthier choices, to become the person you know you can be?  Living brings us many things both negative and positive and always the question, “Am I where I really should be?”

Our goal is to infuse positivity, guidance, support and motivation into your lives to help you achieve your goals and have the life you desire.  We will meet you where you are and help you guide your health and wellness to where you want to be using a holistic approach.

Aging Well Health and Wellness was founded in 2018 and has been operating as Appomattox Adult Healthcare Services since 2013. We have rebranded and expanded to incorporate changes to better serve our communities.  We provide Personal Care and Respite Care services in the State of Virginia which is regulated by the Virginia Department of Health and Medicaid.   We also offer non-regulated services nation-wide such as education, mentoring and motivation.  As the owner, I have been a practicing Registered Nurse since 1991 and have advanced in different degree paths to include Natural Health and Medicine, Nutrition and Legal Studies.    I have obtained many certifications and license such as wound care, Alzheimer’s Disease, Chronic Disease,  Case Management, Grief Counseling and Health Care Education.  My joy comes from loving Jesus,  my family and friends and helping others.  The path of life has landed me here, utilizing a unique approach to offering support, coordination, facilitation, and guidance to help others achieve their goals of having a balanced mind, body and spirit!

Our Mission

Wellness is achieved by “Acknowledging, Accepting and Adjusting” the negatives of the past and present into strength, creating a healthy balance of Mind, Body and Spirit.

Our mission is to support people to do the extraordinary and achieve milestones every day. We aim to reflect timelessness and infinite potential in each of our actions and pave the path for your healthy aging.  We strive to help you reach your goals by overcoming your limitations. We will ensure dignity and respect in all services to maximize your quality of care

Unmatched Care & Compassion

We were set up with a core focus on offering exceptional support from trained and trusted staff integrated with unmatched continuity of care.

The Right Skills

We understand the importance of skilled and knowledgeable care providers employing the right skills to provide the best service possible.

Dignity & Respect

We ensure dignity and respect in all services.

About our site

I have created this site to be a place of calm and inspiration, a place you will desire to revisit.  The song on the video was selected solely based on a personal experience in my life which at the time encouraged me to “Acknowledge, Accept and Adjust” my own life after facing many struggles, and a lot of pain.

About our logo

I created the logo as a symbol of my journey.

The stethoscope represents my career as a nurse for 30 years.  Throughout my career I have been blessed by so many wonderful people and witnessed far too many tragedies and sad situations.  Throughout all of them, I have gained wisdom, insight and many valuable life lessons that I hope will be of value to you.

The butterfly is a symbol that is special to me because metamorphosis from a caterpillar to butterfly represents a transformation that leads to such a beautiful thing!   We have the power to transform and become our most beautiful self.

2 Corinthians 5:17- Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

The infinity circle represents a path that never ends, it is eternal and our souls live forever.  Our path does not end here.  There is more to come if we are true to ourselves and others.

Happiness and Healthy Living!

Dana Gunn, RN