Health Education

We understand the importance of optimal wellness and the need to help people advocate for healthier living.  As a health and wellness service provider, we aim to promote and help you maintain healthy lifestyles through our education and resources.

At Aging Well Health and Wellness Services, Inc., we offer disease-specific education, coordination with your physician, care coordinators, and community resources. Our health education is to empower people and communities to live healthier and more fulfilling lives.  Our programs are individualized to focus on your health and wellness needs.  All plans are designed for just you.  There are no cookie cutter approaches or hype, just a comprehensive assessment of you and your life.

Our world is full of false information, the next trending products, and ever changing studies of what is good and what is bad.  Who wouldn’t be overwhelmed and confused?  Allow us to help you navigate through the chaos and assist you on a path to success with our proven methodology.  Several years ago I encountered a major life change and I was so desperate just to feel better or regain a portion of my health that I wasted so much time and money on the hype.  The cure all.  The product that says it will make it go away!  I know, you can relate…that is our human nature to “fix” it. Our programs and supplements are not to fix anything because things can break again.  Our platform is to offer you education and support you while YOU incorporate your own definition of health and wellness into reality.

We guide you to self-manage your health resulting in improved health outcomes, optimal wellness, reduced health risks, and decreased healthcare costs.