Wellness Coaching


At Aging Well Health and Wellness Services, Inc., we will assist you in self-discovery for new ways of thinking about wellness and you will be provided with the tools and resources to help you transform your health.   When you choose wellness coaching from Aging Well Health and Wellness Services, Inc., you will discover what is and isn’t working for you.   We will explore new techniques using a holistic approach for caring for yourself so you can have the energy and physical wellness that you desire.  Our coaching guides you into developing your plan of care to encourage healthy behaviors and optimize your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state.

At Aging Health and Wellness Services, Inc., we’re committed to helping you understand wellness techniques to enhance your lives. We engage you with the skills and tools to bring about change and self-discovery and your own ambivalence about it. This sets the stage for  making different choices in just a few encounters, one step at a time. What we do is help you recognize your own self-power in order to drill down to the personal motivation needed for your desired healthy transformation.

Wellness App 

COMING SOON:  Our Wellness App will be launched soon.   We are super excited about this addition to our program!   Stay tuned for ALL updates by following us on FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram.